Tuesday, September 25, 2007

12dp3dt. Beta = 373.

Dear SuperStar Embryo(s),

Have learned of your intent to stay in E's uterus for a while. Please make yourself at home.

I'd first like to commend your superior dividing skills - you were a mere 8-9 cell embryo on moving day, and by this time I understand you may actually have a distinguishable "head" and "tail" area. Impressive work over 12 days time, my little friend(s).

Secondly, I find your adaptability noteworthy. To say nothing of the brutal lasering you endured (that was to help you hatch out of your dratted shell, but doubtlessly traumatic nonetheless), your tiny self was quite forcefully removed from your bright and sterile petri dish and flung into the dark, warm depths of E. It was then that you were faced with a rather important decision for one of only 8 cells.

You could have merely fallen away. Mistaken this severe shift in environment for the end of your tiny cell-span, and cried, "goodbye, cruel world!" before flinging yourself into the abyss (which I suppose would only be the center area of E's uterus, but an abyss all the same to one as small as you).

Or, if you took much after me, you might have arrived and decided that the business of attaching yourself to the wall on top of having to divide yourself sufficiently was entirely too much work. In that case, it might have seemed preferable to instead just catch a quick nap and perhaps lazily drift around, do a bit of sightseeing.

But no. You decided to forge ahead, plow on, despite the strange circumstances of your beginning. And in that regard, you take after E. We knew you would truly be our creation.

We are so very happy with your decision, SuperStar Embryo(s). Just remember, as smart and diligent as you have shown yourself to be thus far, don't screw this up now. You don't want to wind up like those fugly embryos: in the dumpster out back. Right?


With love,



Carey said...

LOL Awesome post... and what an impressive beta!! Can't wait to see how it doubles... and compares to mine!! Ya know, since I've got 2 attempting to grow in there and all. I want others to have twins too.

amy said...

you're hysterical!

Pam said...

Congratulations! Excellent beta number.

CD & SP said...

just echoing the congrats. your positive leaves us so hopeful that we'll be successful in our IVF venture!

Nana said...

Dear little superstar/s: With mothers like these, who wouldn't want to stay?
Cheering you on with love ...

starrhillgirl said...

Sunday's post killed me to such an extent with it's beauty, that I couldn't even comment.
But today! Oh, god. You are hysterical. Yes.

infertilepediatrician said...

Great number!!! I'm guessing 2 in there but who knows. Both R and I had super high beta numbers (I even think mine might have been slightly higher although it's hard to tell exactly since they weren't done on the same days) but I have a singleton and she has twins. Either way - great number. Is the next beta on Friday?

Drowned Girl said...

Lol, that's a GOOD number


Melody said...

This makes me so happy.

sfsueny said...

my ovum are forming a cheerleading squad for your embryos.