Thursday, September 27, 2007

14dp3dt, or How Long Will I Use dp3dt as a Time Reference? 112dp3dt?

E's second beta was today. At 14dp3dt, it was 828. That's about a 42 hour doubling time (or so E tells me; I am incapable of that sort of calculation).

These numbers seem so strong and good. The last week feels fantastical, bizarre, surreal. I keep thinking something jarring will wake us from this perfectly unfolding scenario. And at the same time I felt completely unsurprised by the positive hpts, by the good numbers. Each little hurdle cleared feels like stupendous, highly anticipated People magazine gossip that I already knew from reading Perez Hilton. There is just something that feels so right about this pregnancy.

It doesn't feel like reading Perez, btw. Not really. That was a retarded metaphor.

It's more like a swelling of the heart with just a little biting fear right behind it.

And yet I can't believe it worked. I feel bewildered. I feel stunned. I was so prepared for negotiating the next steps. What's next. What's next. What the fuck is next. I feel like that's been our mindset for eternity.

And while I'm at it, I just want to give a shout out to this embryo. I am so in awe of these little clumps of cells that are esentially just set down inside E's uterus and they really do just go about their business, do their thing. Those wild little fuckers. They just do their thing. They're like - eat this, clinic! We don't need you and your assy petri dishes!

E also feels stunned. But she also feels pregnant, I think, because today she called me, nearly hysterical, demanding to know if I was going to leave her if she was pregnant with twins.

What the?

She feels things happening in there. Pokes. That's especially exciting because it means it's still there. With every moment that passes, I think a little more uncertainty creeps in. Is it growing. Will it measure well in the u/s. Will its heart beat. Will it stay.

And with the swelling of our hearts, we hope it stays.


owl said...

All together lovely to read about your heart swelling and ever-dividing embryo!
I am going to copy your comments re: the embryo telling the clinic it is useless. And the petri dishes are assy and use it as a pep talk for our soon-to-be-thawed embryo!!

Dis said...

Holy doubling beta batman!
E has probably done this already but if you go here and put in her beta info you'll see one of the pretty little charts to illustrate her numbers. (Me like pretty charts instead of numbers!)
Then go here and it gives you normal pregnancy rates.
You guys are definitely in the twin range. :-) Grow, grow embryo(s)!

daisychain said...

I'm breathing a big sigh of relief with each milestone. I'm beaming with happiness for you two...three...four? Do you have an US scheduled yet?
Love, Daisy

Carey said...

Great second beta!! Now, when is the ultrasound? I'm still hoping for twins :)

Nana said...

Oh won't you stay, just a little bit longer...
Oh please please staaaaay --- just a little bit more ....(8 months, to be exact)!

amy said...

awesome awesome news! definitely pregnant as evidenced by irrational concern of being left, can totally relate to the hormone anxiety!

The Indian said...

Got fingers, toes, eyes and nose all crossed for you. Go, go, go E!!!

charlotte said...

I wanted to ask you something. do you have email you want to share with me? you can email me at I promise I'm not a stalker. At least not a creepy one.

Drowned Girl said...


Tracy said...

Congrats on the wonderful beta and doubling time!!!!! AWESOME!