Thursday, October 11, 2007

Random Bad Things

I'm in kind of a bad way this day. This day of our first u/s.

During this last week we've spent waiting for it, lots of Fucked Up Things have gone down. I won't detail most of them here. Some were just annoying, some were heartbreaking.

But shit is starting to get weird, and I'm trying not to feel like this series of Bad Events are leading towards bad news today.

A synopsis:
1. We lost our sweet cat. She's gone. I can't even begin to go into it, for the guilt is nearly suffocating me.

2. My son, my beating heart, my doberman, had a hideous experience this morning. He's a huge, healthy, strapping dog, but we've started to suspect that he has a mild form of Wobbler's Disease, a degenerative neurological condition that disrupts their balance and ability to walk. He's completely unaffected 99% of the time, but there have been a couple of occasions where he seems to lose control of his hind end for a few minutes. Those instances have been scary, but he usually regains control quickly, so we've never been downright panicked.

We took him to the Animal Medical Center in NYC last year and they diagnosed him with mild Wobbler's. They told us to use a harness and keep an eye on him. Nothing else to do.

This morning, after throwing a tennis ball for him a couple of times, I watched as he went from standing still to suddenly staggering sideways at nearly a full run, his head cocked grotesquely. He was clearly unable to control his big lopey body, and he slammed into a fence, and then collapsed, all his muscles seized up, his eyes glazed, and he drooled uncontrollably.

All I could to was hold his head in my lap and soothe him until his muscles relaxed and he came back to himself. It was horrible.

And tomorrow, I turn 29. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought, "damn, I look a year older. At least." Trying to get E pregnant this last year took a toll on me. I look older. I feel older. For the first time in my life I made E cancel our birthday party plans.

I reject turning 29.

Ultrasound at 2PM today. Any life in E should be the size of a lentil.

I hope they are living lentils.


e said...

they will be, love. i have such a good feeling.

Drowned Girl said...

I have everything crossed for you xx

Melody said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your fur babies. When ours hurt, I hurt.

I just know you're going to have a good u/s today.

k said...

all will be well my friend... so so so much love... i'm hugging you from cross town...

will catchup with you soon. good vibes...

loveya always...

bleu said...

I am so sorry for all the bad stuff. Have you considered acupuncture for it. Here is a link to one option.

There are so great alternative practices out there for dogs now.

I am thinking of you all and cannot wait for news.

gold star said...

Bleu I have not - and I'm so glad you wrote this because that is a wonderful idea. Thank you!

bleu said...

Here too.

starrhillgirl said...

Oh! I am so, so sorry about your cat. Loosing pets sucks. Just sucks.
And your baby puppy! Poor guy!