Monday, October 8, 2007


All is well here on the pregnancy front. All signs indicate that E is still pregnant.

The ultrasound will be at 6 weeks, 3 days. Rescheduled to Thursday, the day before my birthday. That way, if it shows an empty sac we can spend my birthday drinking heavily. Or we may see three occupied sacs, in which case E will jump out the window just I will be drinking heavily.

I'm kind of thinking it might be multiples. Not just because of her freakish HCG numbers. Mostly because I think God is going to punish E by giving her multiples.

See, E has's call it a "weird thing" about multiples. Twins creep her out. Identical twins, fraternal twins that are dressed alike, and don't get me started on trips or more.

She used to be rather vocal about her "weird thing." Whenever she was witness to a set of multiples, she would...protest. This would lead to whatever companion she was with at the time of such multiple-sighting questioning her about what she would do if she herself became pregnant with twins.

Innocent companion party: My goodness, you are quite averse to multiples! What would you do if you had twins one day?

E: (deadpan) I'd throw one in the garbage.

Innocent party: (aghast) You wouldn't! Why, how could you choose which to dispose of?

E: The ugly one goes.

Invariably, her companion would laugh, until companion looked into her eyes and discerned that she was quite serious. The laughter would turn to a nervous chuckle, then to a concerned frown.

So I've debated moving the ultrasound to next week. That way, if there is dead baby inside her, we won't know until after my birthday. Additionally, if there are 2 or more sacs in there, I don't have to manage any panic attacks until after my birthday.

I'm more of the opinion that twins are kind of cool. I mean, I'm all for baby having another soul around so E and I aren't the only available sources of entertainment. (Anyone read The Golden Compass? They'll be each other's daemons!) And besides, two for the price of one, people.

So I can't decide. I want to know now. And I don't want to know. I don't need any drama fucking up my birthday. But then again this birthday feels weird already. I'm almost 29 and my wife is pregnant. It's the end of an era.

A magnificent era.


bleu said...

If you postpone I think you will spend your birthday wishing you hadn't. On the other hand 6w3d is pretty early and could very well be vague. I say do a coin toss and be done with it. Heads before tails after.

I have ALWAYS said I want kids badly, just not twins. I am convinced now I will have twins whenever I manage to get pregnant again. I also think it is because I have always said that. The strange thing now is that some deep part of me thinks I want this now. It is too strange and I am not willing to delve into it much but I relate.
Happy B-day btw, early.

Amoussou said...

Hey let's get this started - time to play the name game!!!
Girls: Cindy and Windy

Boys: Brad and Chad

Girl/Boy: Judy and Rudy

G's: Dawn, Fawn, Quawn

B's: Ed, Jed, Fred

Help me out here.

Mama2BandT said...

I definitely wouldn't postpone it personally...and I know all of us out here in the blog reading world are dying to know!