Friday, October 26, 2007

All The Waste And All The Thunder

Once upon a time I owned this city.

My computer has inherited my waking hours. My computer and my chair.

I can literally feel my ass flattening.

Tonight, the hours at work are stretching before me like a desert. Again. Friday night in my office, 40 floors up, under florescent lights. I have a Very Important Deadline.

I feel like throwing this fucking Aeron chair through the window and following it out.


Meg said...

SOunds like someone needs to visiualise goats and more goats.

Hope the deadline races past. (I am on one too, actually, but at least I get to do it from home...)

Scoutgjee said...

Smalls towns in the West are calling your name, my dear. They even have some interesting and educated inhabitants.

ZigZag said...

Sounds like someone needs a Wisconsin weekend on the back of an old friend, cantering through the fallen leaves.

lentil said...

don't do it mama!

sfsueny said...

wow...that's one smart lentil.

I bet you felt better yesterday in the bright sunshine!