Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gobble Gobble, Bitches.

E is twelve weeks pregnant this week. Do you believe that shizzle. I understand this may or may not mark the beginning of the second trimester. "Understand" being a rather strong word.

I have allowed myself to begin reflecting on the fact that our baby will probably be a Gemini.

Are Geminis not fantastic? I've known just a few intimately, but they are each spectacularly weird and wonderful people. People you remember your whole life kind of people. I would love a weird kid. One scenario I can actually imagine involving parenthood is having a moment with E in which we look at our kid doing something annoying or bizarre and then look at each other and just shake our heads and give each other a look that says: where the hell did this weirdo come from?

I can picture that.

On another note, I've thrice evaded death this week.

1. An elevator I was riding in free fell 20 stories before bouncing brutally to a halt. Nearly crapped myself.

2. On the way back to my office from Starbucks, a pair of electrician's shears came falling from the sky and landed -- point down -- mere inches from my feet. Hazards of working in midtown Manhattan, I suppose.

3. I just choked on a Smartie.

I have many blessings to count tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


Melody said...

Good goddess, you've had an eventful last few days. Those Smarties are killers, eh? Seriously-- scissors falling out of the sky? Elevators plummeting? Who the hell have you pissed off?

Vanessa is a Gemini, and she is absolutely brilliant-- and very complex.

gold star said...

I've been trying to remember if I have any mortal enemies. So far, nothin.

Brilliant and complex are the perfect words for the Geminis I know, too. Damn, Geminis rock.

bleu said...

Oh my goddess that just terrified me!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE be ever so careful of yourself.

Congrats on the precious belly and the 12 weeks, so awesome!!!!!

I am a gemini. June 19
I am strange as all get out.
I have also had many who is the weird kid moments, they are so fun. The funnier moments will be when the child does stuff you think is so annoying and say it to E or vice versa and then she informs you that it is exactly what you do all the time. THOSE moments happen far too often and are such a kick in the pants both good and bad. lol

bleu said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes too.

Becky said...

Gemini's are the best (and no, I'm a Cancer, so I'm not just tooting my own horn here).

That elevator thing happened to me and it was super-freaky (but not in a Rick James way AT ALL). Glad that you're okay.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and I hope that you don't mind that I added your blog as a linky-link.

amy said...

wow, those first 2 episodes were CRAZY!!

Congrats on 12 weeks and weird kids. Happy Thanksgiving!

Drowned Girl said...

OMG, how scary!

The Town Criers said...

Holy shit on the scissors and elevator.

Geminis are great and I know this because I am a Gemini. See? The theory holds true.

the injector said...

So, i read your giving thanks post on wednesday. and i think it influenced my dreams...Last night, in my dream, i kept riding in this freaky elevator--it would fall for a long time and then just before crashing, come to a halt. so i looked all over this elaborate building (i think it was a mega church; they were charging 12 dollars a person to sit through services)for the stairs due to the absolute fear that kept rushing through my body every time i used the falling elevator. eventually, i found the stairs. here's to repressed fears about parenting and finding the stairs to ease the fright.

starrhillgirl said...

Jesus Christ. Just stay home, girl. And away from the smarties.
That growing belly looks pretty great!

Nan-a said...

Oh my god, GS, stop trying to evade parenthood. Those are 3 terrifying events. Where were you when you choked on a smarty? Can you heimlich yourself?

Meghan said...

Just found your blog from Mel's weekly round up. Congrats on the pregnancy and hitting 12 weeks, what a great milestone! As a Gemini, I will agree with all of the other gemini, and say we freaking rock! Your baby is going to have one great birthday!

Meg said...

Geminis are excellent value.

Glad to hear you survived falling tools.