Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Home With Satan

I spend a lot of time at work.

A whole lot.

Sometimes, when the image of my desk feels as though it is burned inexorably on my retinas, Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home" starts rolling through my head.

Home Sweet Home
I'm on my way
Just set me free
Home Sweet Home

And I start a little pity party for myself, because I don't get to go home. I lob complaints at anyone who will listen. I especially enjoy complaining to my friend who works as much as I do, for about 5 years longer than I have. I whine at her and ask how she has done it for so many years without curling up on herself and crumbling into dust.

She rolls her eyes at the melodrama and sends me here. And I feel better.

But sometimes I feel the need to Buy Something to make myself feel better. Ah, the salve of consumerism. It soothes so.

The last few weeks at work have been rough, and the tiny violins weren't helping, so the time came to Buy Something. Last Tuesday I rolled out of work and down to the Nintendo store: Guitar Hero III was finally released for the Wii. And I bought it.

Life has been really good since then. And not only because I freaking rock at Guitar Hero.

See, usually by the time I get home from work, E is comatose on the couch. After working for 14 hours, I can't just go to sleep. I need some form of entertainment, and when that endless source of entertainment - E - is otherwise occupied ... well, the pity party begins again.

So now when I get home from work, E is jamming to "When You Were Young" by The Killers. She's rocking out. And when she finishes her song, she passes the guitar to me, sweating slightly and breathless.

E: Here you go. I suck.

GS: Watch and learn, E, watch and learn.

And then I crush Lucifer in a Battle in Hell. By the time I'm doing my victory kicks, E is passed out and snoring behind me on the couch.

I merely shrug. My encore duet with Satan, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," is beginning.

Home sweet home indeed.


Nana said...

I can't believe you came out of me. Using your words, "What the....?"

Anonymous said...

How can I turn on the sound for those tiny violins? I need them.

the injector said...

you are too funny. but 14 hour days that is not so funny...hoping you can find lots more time to rip out some fun on guitar hero and hang with your loves away from the grind, gruel, grit of work.

starrhillgirl said...

Ack. That is too much work! Thank Somebody you have such a great way to unwind.

e said...

oh i *will* take you down, GS. see, i only work 12 hour days and when little lentil isn't torturing me with nausea or heartburn i'm practicing my GH skills...so look out!

owl said...

you need to work less.

Dis said...

Oh my heavens we just got Guitar Hero and it is our new crack. Hours at a time we play this game. Now I see why you enjoy it so much. :o)